When did you decide you wanted a career in law?
Although I studied law at university, it wasn’t until after I graduated that I decided to pursue a career as a solicitor. I considered a number of other possible careers before making my decision. In the end, law attracted me because it offered the best opportunity for a varied and interesting career.

Why did you choose Ince & Co?
I was interested in a firm which specialized in litigation, and it had become clear at university that the shipping world provided an opportunity to become involved in interesting cases. As the leading law firm in shipping and trade disputes, Ince & Co was the natural choice.

What makes the firm different?
The quality of the work the firm receives and the people who make up the firm set it apart. Ince & Co rewards hard work but encourages people to enjoy their working life.

What has your experience been like so far, and what have been the high points?
Fulfilling. I have been involved in fascinating cases, both in terms of the factual side of a dispute and the legal points which arise from the facts. I’ve worked with a diverse range of people: including our clients, other solicitors, barristers and experts; and learned a great deal from all of them. And there have been many opportunities for travel.

Inevitably the eventful cases stand out the most: an oil pollution incident in Egypt, a capsize off Vietnam, a collision in Brazil, a grounding off South Africa and piracy attacks near Somalia. Just as rewarding, however, are the smaller disputes where you achieve a good result for your client.

What advice would you give to graduates considering a career in law?
Develop a good understanding of the legal market; a career in law covers a number of different professions, each with their own entry requirements. If you decide you want to be a solicitor, consider carefully the area you want to practice in. Many firms will expect some level of interest in and knowledge of their key markets.

What are your plans for the future?
Just to continue to provide a good service to our clients. Ultimately that is what our business is about and it involves continuously developing as an individual and evolving as a firm.

Have you been involved in any social activities with the firm, or any fundraising and CSR initiatives?
Yes, I’ve been involved in a range of CSR projects and enjoy the regular social activities.