I arrive to my desk and check my email inbox for any urgent tasks that my supervising partner or ‘trainee buddy’ may need assistance with. I am currently sat with the aviation team and I am asked to process a small claim for lost baggage on behalf of a client. These small claims are also handled by the trainees and are a great way of learning how to manage our own caseload.  Once this has been completed, I finish the research task I was assigned the day before on the definition of ‘single flight’ for the purposes of EU Regulation 261/2004.

The TRPS students are encouraged to seek work from other practice areas outside their allocated seat, as this is a true reflection of the training contract at Ince & Co. As such, I have been assigned a task from the shipping team to draft an academic overview for a client on why physical commodity suppliers are able to arrest bunkers in some jurisdictions despite the lack of a direct contract with their owners and to set out the differences in law on bunker arrest in various jurisdictions. This is a great opportunity to understand more about this specific area of the law and it is rewarding to know that the work I complete will go towards advice eventually sent out to a client.

The TRPS students are invited to attend a lunchtime seminar given by one of the partners on ‘Civil Litigation Summer 2016’, which highlights recent updates in relevant case law. It is clear that Ince & Co prioritises the legal and commercial training for their trainees as lunchtime seminars and lectures are common.


At the time of the TRPS, the matter of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU is a concern for our clients and as such, my supervising partner in is planning to host a seminar at the firm’s offices on the potential impacts of ‘Brexit’ on the airlines industry. My task is to gather a list of names of legal contacts from ‘Type A’ UK Airlines that would be interested in attending the event. It is not uncommon for trainees to complete marketing tasks such as this and I enjoy the wide variety of work I can get involved with.


The TRPS students are invited to a tour of the Lloyd’s of London building, which provides an excellent insight to how the insurance market works in practice. During the TRPS we also have the opportunity to visit the Royal Courts of Justice as well as The Rolls Building, which brings under one roof the Chancery Division, the Commercial and Admiralty Court and the Technology and Construction Court. Understanding the relevant court procedure is fundamental as much of the firm’s work is contentious.

On returning to the office, I have enough time to catch-up to my trainee buddy and supervising partner to discuss any work I can assist with the following day as well as any general questions I may have about the training contract. Everyone at the firm is friendly and I feel confident in approaching people even after such a short time.

After leaving the office, I attend an evening lecture with one of the trainees on the current trends in ship finance and a networking event hosted by the London Shipping Law Centre: Young Maritime Professionals. During the TRPS, I feel fully integrated with the firm and feel positive about what I can expect from the training contract at Ince & Co.