Our client base is varied, we advise trading companies, oil companies, banks, funds and charterers, to ship owners and insurers amongst others.

Our work also covers some of the most important and complex legal issues in the commercial world. This includes resolving cross-border disputes, advising on deals or disputes involving oil, gas and metals, and soft commodities such as grain, sugar or coffee, as well as other aspects of international trade, like storage, transportation, insurance, environmental issues and end use.

To give you an example, one of our trading dispute cases involved multiple claims against a major commodity house when a large consignment of commercial grade sulphuric acid intended for use as brewing ingredients was found to contain arsenic. We enabled our client to recover the product from the end users, minimise claims and minimise damage to their reputation.

So what can we offer you? You’ll gain a unique insight into the trading world as you grow your experience and knowledge of a range of fascinating and challenging cases.