How did you find the induction at Ince?
During the induction we were given talks by all of the firm’s departments as well as the support services: the court clerks, the chart-room team and document production etc. These talks were a chance to meet people from across the firm and introduced us to the varying types of cases and transactions the firm handles. Equally, as shipping and insurance are extremely technical and jargon-heavy areas, these talks served to shed some meaningful light. As a result the induction was useful, interesting and ensured we could hit the ground running when we arrived at our first seats.

What kind of work have you got involved with as a first seat trainee?
The lion’s share of my work comes from my own department, Insurance. Here I’ve been asked to: research niche points of insurance/reinsurance law and wordings, assess our clients’ prospects of success in interim applications (by applying case law) and draft claims forms and letters of demand – to name a few. I probably work on three or four separate matters on any given day. Insurance work appeals to those with a keen eye for detail, an enjoyment of logical ‘black-letter’ law and a penchant for arguing. Outside insurance, I am also given my own smaller aviation claims to handle from start to finish. At Ince we’re certainly thrown in at the ‘deep-end’ and trusted to handle important work from an early stage.

How have you found approaching partners in other sectors for work?
The partners and associates are all extremely responsive via email and approachable in person: be it at their desks, in the canteen or even at work drinks. As a result I’ve found it extremely easy to find work in other sectors. If we as trainees have interests in particular areas, we are actively encouraged to seek work there and can do so at any time across our training contract given the loose department structure. Personally, I picked up work in aviation by expressing an interest over email. Additionally, a wet shipping partner joined me to his collision case after hearing that I’d previously researched disclosure orders.

Have you done any work for the international offices?
I recently put together a presentation for a partner in the Dubai office who is speaking at an upcoming conference on cyber-risk. I also helped the Hong Kong office with a discrete research task on the construction of a reinsurance contract. We are close with our international offices because our work is almost always international and we second lawyers abroad frequently. Our Skype for Business system is seamless and most work can be instructed via email, so working for an overseas office is scarcely different to working for a partner sat two desks away.

What’s your favourite thing about Aldgate Tower?
The canteen is fantastic and the technology is all extremely slick. However my favourite feature is the views. We immediately overlook the City and have vantage points over the London Eye, Canary Wharf and Tower Bridge to name a few. The best views in the office are from the terrace, which plays host to internal drinks events and client entertainment.

How much opportunity is there to get involved with sports?
There are plenty of opportunities. Next weekend I’m going on a (firm-funded) sailing weekend to the Isle of Wight, these take place often. Last month we took part in a dragon-boat racing event against other firms and clients for charity. There is also a football team, a cricket team and I’m currently generating support for a 7s team to enter the Law Society and Insurance 7s competitions.