Reading scheme 2.pngFor the past 10 years, Ince & Co has been running a lunchtime reading scheme at St. Michael’s Catholic College in Bermondsey for 11-12 year old pupils. The scheme is open to everyone across the firm and is extremely popular each year: trainees are key members of the team but they volunteer alongside partners, associates and business services staff. The scheme runs once a week and each participant is assigned a pupil to read and discuss their chosen book with. The scheme is flexible and operates an alternating ‘pair’ system which allows everyone to take part despite busy schedules.

Those who have been involved with the scheme regularly note how beneficial and rewarding they find participating. Emma Prescott, a member of our Aviation team, explains her experience of the scheme below:

“I have been involved in the scheme for the past two years. It is really rewarding to see the pupils progressing and is also great fun! It is an excellent way to give something back to the community and it is gratifying to see that the pupils really enjoy it too. The scheme is also a fantastic way to meet people from all across the firm and by alternating each week with a ‘pair’, it is really easy to get involved!”

The scheme re-starts each year after the October half-term. In the 2017/18 academic year, we will also assist the school in the re-launch of their “book club” scheme with Year 9 pupils. Each week two or three volunteers meet with a group of students to discuss the books they are currently studying. This scheme has run previously, and was hugely popular with volunteers and students alike!

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